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Welcome to Talisman Games!

We have games for you to play! We're an old-fashioned company with some old-fashioned games, but we're now making use of the web environment to make them easier for you to enjoy. We're providing an on-line competitive gaming site, starting small (only the first game is running at present) but eventually with several different games to choose from.

Cartoon of spaceship coming out of wormhole into trouble The game we currently have running is called Galac-Tac! It's a 4X-style game of space conquest; explore the galaxy and take it over! Design your own types of spaceships, send them out on exploration, economic, and military missions, and reap the rewards that enable you to conquer your opponents. Show me more about playing Galac-Tac!

Our other games are still in re-development for use over the web or still in the planning stages. Likewise, some areas of our web site are as yet incomplete, but we're hoping to add plenty of bells and whistles along the way. We hope you have lots of fun playing here while we add more and more choices of games to play.

Our games are designed to be slow, turn-based strategy games in which you have plenty of time to plan and prepare each turn, rather than the highly-interactive and fast-paced games that are often popular elsewhere on the web. Some of our games, such as Galac-Tac, are played by a small number of human players competing directly against one another in one of many small, individual environments. Others, such as Midgard and Gateway, will be massively multi-player where hundreds of players can interact with each other directly in a single large, shared environment. But since the games are turn-based, you never need to coordinate being on-line simultaneously with other players so you can play on any schedule you prefer.

Regardless of the type of game, here at Talisman Games you get to play all the web-based games you want for one low monthly fee of $5.00. (All financial transactions are handled by external commercial financial services.) For that small amount each month, you may play one position in each Galac-Tac galaxy (any number of them), up to three different clans and their related positions in Midgard (when it becomes available), and any or all of our future games that you would like to participate in (subject to availability and game-specific limitations similar to those above). If you would like to try it out first, we offer a one-month free trial to anyone who signs up with a verified email address. Sign up using the button below on the right side and follow the instructions for obtaining your free month of play. Playing solo games (against the computer) is recommended for best use of your free trial time.

To get started, Log In below if you already have an account with us, or press the Sign up now! button below on the right side to begin creation of a new account.

Bonus Play Time!

For a limited time, while we're beta-testing our new web site, anyone that signs up to play for at least one month will receive a bonus of twelve free months of play time added to their account.

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