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Separate Charges For Galac-Tac Paper Mail Services

Playing Galac-Tac on the web, like all our games, is included in the usual monthly fee. However, some players may have special needs that necessitate separate charges for special services. For instance, some of our players may be in the military or in prison and cannot gain reliable access to the Internet in order to play our web-based games. Or some players may be in a foreign country with only limited web access, but still want very much to play Galac-Tac. Or some may be able to use the Internet occasionally, but have no way to print or save their turns to work on them "off-line".

For such players we offer a special (alternate-cost) service for Galac-Tac turns that provides mail-only play without web access. For a turn charge of $10.00, plus $0.10 per page of output, plus standard U.S. postage to your location, we will print your turn reports and mail them to you. Note: Very large empires that survive until near the end of their game can produce long reports, but some options are available for reducing printing and mailing costs. To reduce the number of pages of print (and their printing and mailing cost) you may request that your turn be printed "2-up" so that each page of output uses reduced-size text to fit two pages of your report on a single sheet of paper. Alternatively, or in addition to it, you may also request that the report be printed on both sides of the paper to further reduce report bulk and reduce mailing costs. Ask the game master if you wish to make use of these options.

In addition, playing by mail requires you to send in your actions for each turn on paper (or possibly by email if you have that available). A form for this is included with your turn report. We will type in your actions for you, provided they are legible enough for us to read. We will try to enter your turn as carefully as we can, but unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for any typographical errors that slip through or our inability to read your writing (please PRINT only). Be cautious when writing up your actions since any mistakes you make will be entered as-is (we cannot correct them for you) and they may cause that action to fail. Beginning players are particularly prone to using the wrong format for some actions, so watch out for that difficulty in particular. Your actions must be received here on or before the turn's due date in order for them to be entered. If they are not received on time, the game will process on its regular schedule without your actions and the unprocessed actions will be discarded. Also, missing turns (especially early ones) will hurt your standing in the game.

If you would like to send an empire-to-empire message within the game (to any empire that you've already encountered), the back of your turn input page contains an area where you may write up your diplomatic messages to other empires (please PRINT only). Please keep your messages relatively short and include the name of the empire to receive the message. We will hand-enter the text of your message into our internal messaging system, so please make it as legible as possible to keep it from being sent incorrectly. Or, if email is available to you, your messages may be sent to us instead, and we will post them directly to our in-system messaging system for you, to avoid typing mistakes. In that case, be sure to include your own galaxy number and empire name, and the empire name to whom you are sending the message.

If you wish to use this mail-only service, please only sign up for Galac-Tac galaxies with extended turn times, such as 3-4 weeks or more between turns, so there is enough time for the postal service to get your turn to you and your response back to us before the next turn is due.

Please keep sufficient funds in your Talisman Games account so that it may be charged these fees at the time they are incurred. Otherwise your turns may not be able to be mailed to you. Watch your account balance on the cover page of each report sent and send in any upcoming funding before it is needed. It is often practical to send in the expected fees for several turns at one time, and those funds will be used for future turns until they are exhausted. If you wish to stop playing Galac-Tac, we will be happy to refund any remaining balance.

To sign up for by-mail play, please contact us by mail (or by email if you have that available) for a printed sign-up form and overview. A printed manual can also be requested (with an advance payment) for a $10.00 charge.

Please contact the Galac-Tac game master at galactac@talisman-games.com or by mail to make arrangments for such services if you need them.